The time spent in researching and joining your local chapter www. And it beats the Neon for the simple reason that it is a hatchback. Here is an idea, drop the 3. Ever since the Neon was replaced by the Calibre, the price of used Neons has gone up up up. Thanks for the data. My payments are only a month! But compared to a Cobalt, Focus, Civic, or heaven forbid a Corolla?

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Anyway… the most important question I have is this: People are comparing this car to the Neon. The last years 05?

In terms of acceleration times, Car and Driver predicts “60 mph in six seconds or so” on the SRT4, with the times increasing dramatically for the less powerful engines. I am pleased with my purchase, and prefer it to the Civic, so many of which I see lined up at the service bay, owners with credit cards in hand and tears on their canadixndriver .

Quite simply, this is styling over basic safety — being able to see around the car. Honda and Toyota make small incremental changes every year or two to their existing cars to keep them up to date and fresh. Under max throttle, the Caliber reminds me of a fat kid wheezing away on a Power Wheels caadiandriver the revs climb faster than the canadiandrivr accelerates.

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With the straignt lines canadiandrlver sharp corners, that full frontal shot reminds me of a jacked-up K-car. Maybe even the Nissan Versa! I was just distinguishing this one from the 1. Caliber was bad news. Those are pretty big shoes to fill, I hope that I can find a way to increase the size of my feet… But no, 2.

Thanks for the confirmation, Lesley. And as SUV owners start thinking small it makes sense to offer them some familiar cues.

Phil Donahue would be proud. Finance Quote for F.

Road Tests and Reviews. They did change the aluminum head on the Brazilian designed four bangers over to iron to take into account their ham-fisted Chevrolet mechanics at dealers, presumably. People on this board may zing it, but the buying public loves it. For the most part, crash-test results for the Dodge Caliber are commendable, but reviews read by TheCarConnection.

CanadianDriver: Detroit Auto Show (NAIAS) – Dodge Caliber

Testfest has been moved to the Niagara region as of this fall. Dodge seems to think that large areas of glass “feminize” a vehicle perhaps this is DCX’s way of fighting the “greenhouse effect”. First of all, congrats to Adrian. I have test driven several Calibers and thought it was a nice solid driving car for everyday life with great safety features and still gets 30 mpg on the highway.

While the Caliber may be less expensive than a new OBS or Forester, you can get an less-than-1 year old one for about the same price as this.


Receive updates on the best of TheTruthAboutCars. Posted in Car ReviewsDodge Tagged as. Edmunds says that the Dodge Caliber “can seat up to five people, though putting three adults in back will likely result in grumbles about a lack of comfort for the center passenger.

Those are pretty big shoes to fill, I hope that I can find a way to increase the size of my feet…. The Galway-Cavendish Forest Rally is a challenging mix of changing elevations, sweeping curves, tight turns and blind drops that runs through nine clicks of thick forest.

It’s about as sporty as a baseball cap on a bank clerk. DCX is doing the smart thing — differentiating themselves from their competition mainly the Japanese but also the Big 2. Hyundai was only involved in the engine. I’ve never been in an American engineered smaller car which was capable in any sense of the word, re: You would think Dodge could have done a little better.

The Caliber goes to enormous lengths to distance itself from the smiley-faced four-door that preceded it.