You didn’t really think that tweakers like you or me made the motherboard market go ’round, now did you? A card compliant with the PCI 2. The board ships with the jumper set to auto by default, you may want to change that before experimenting with any overclocked FSB settings. Instead of routing the floppy cable over the motherboard, why not route it under the motherboard? If that doesn’t work, there’s a jumper on the motherboard that resets the BIOS settings manually.

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The positioning of the ATX power aopen ax6bc connector is ideal for crowded cases, and doesn’t require you to stretch the cable over the CPU, a definite plus, and an oversight on the part of many competing manufacturers.

Elsewhere, though, it cheerfully dedicates a section to aopen ax6bc, and says “when proper aopen ax6bc and qualified components were presented, we feel quite comfortable overclocking to As far as stability goes, the AX6BC is a definite winner, if you’re concerned with quality, reliability, and stability AOpen shows their continued levels of excellence in all of those areas with the extension of the life of the Aopen ax6bc chipset on their AX6BC. Sign up now Username Password Remember Me.

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Both should fit in any ATX case. The Pro II boards may have software CPU speed selection, but they don’t have software AGP multiplier setting – aopsn done with a nice old fashioned jumper aopen ax6bc the motherboard. This is fine, if your video card aopen ax6bc take it, but it probably can’t.

As a general rule of thumb, a processor that doesn’t need its supply voltage pumped up to run at a particular speed will be happy with a stock CPU cooler, provided your case has decent ventilation.


Aopen ax6bc Oct 29, This aopen ax6bc Celerons exactly the same performance as P-IIs at a given clock speed aopen ax6bc all domestic applications, including games, and also makes them more overclockable.

Check out the hefty aopen ax6bc beside the CPU slot! They don’t have the extraordinary flexibility aopen ax6bc Abit’s recent boards, which means they’re not much better for Celeron overclocking than any current board with manual FSB setting. But a C aopen ax6bc fairly unlikely to be able to manage MHz – well, not without voltage goosing and hefty extra cooling, anyway – and speeds above that are only very occasionally attainable by any means.

System configuration is, also, no harder than for any other motherboard; in fact, aside from making sure your CPU speed is set correctly, it’s pretty much a plug-and-go proposition, since ATA auto-detection is turned on by default so you don’t even have to set up your hard drives.

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aopen ax6bc The trick, if you can call it one, is making the right OEM deals. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. Intel’s ATX motherboard specification improved on the old AT spec by rotating ax6hc whole arrangement 90 degrees in the case, and moving the CPU and RAM away from the expansion aopen ax6bc so long cards wouldn’t foul them.

aopen ax6bc Do not compare newer ratings to older xa6bc, the newer ratings are much more aggressive. Posting Guidelines Contact Moderators. The P-III has fancy multimedia extensions the Celeron lacks and aopen ax6bc thus aopen ax6bc of doing things rather faster, but in the real world the difference is less than exciting. The Pro IIs are perfectly happy running processors at the sticker speed, but they can do rather more if you ask them.

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Heatsink grease can be had aopen ax6bc a few dollars for a 10 aopen ax6bc tube, and 10 grams is lots. Wed Oct 29, 9: Mar 21, Posts: Windows 95 or 98 or NT orby the way, are all an excellent way to tell if your overclocking efforts have been at all successful.

AOpen AX6BC Slot-1 BX

It’s sort of a shame that you’re going to put it inside a PC case, really. Instead of routing the floppy cable over aopen ax6bc motherboard, why not route it under the motherboard?

Dec 14, Posts: Once again, though, this is well over aopen ax6bc probable maximum aopen ax6bc of the processor core. The A is one of those old-model low-multiplier chips which you may or may not be able to buy from one or another online vendor.

AGP lets the graphics board rapidly access main memory aopen ax6bc texture storage. Plain Wake On Modem requires a powered-up external modem, activity from which will power up the computer.


aopen ax6bc Much better deal than the used Ps I was trying to bid aopen ax6bc on ax6bbc. Unfortunately, my old spare P was fried somehow. With the announcement that the Pentium Xopen will extend the life of the current Intel BX chipset until mid-year when the shift towards the Camino chipset will be made, a sigh of relief was heard from mainboard manufacturers and users alike, there was still hope for another generation of Slot-1 BX motherboards.