Share This Page Tweet. The practical test in single player modus first level, with the settings x, anti aliasing deactivated, and the other settings on default, resulted in a smooth gameplay with fps. Please, switch off ad blockers. Charging The Battery Pack The G2SG is thus an average gaming notebook , which can run current games, but only with reduced detail levels. Introducing The Notebook Pc

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The average benchmark frame rate with medium details DirectX9 and x pixel resolution was 31 and dropped to 24 with the native resolution of x Also im trying to find out whether the Asus G2SG is future proof. Touchpad Usage Illustrations The P is currently being phased out in favor of the Penryn models, if you get lucky, you might be able to get some discount on it.

With an average transfer rate of Touchpad And Buttons But this isn’t much of a problem since the Asus G2SG target audience is probably more interested in gaming performance.

H2sg good performance of the Asus G2SG comes not only from the processor and graphics card, but also from other high quality hardware components.

The test of the demo on the map Heat Ray, with a resolution of x and detail levels on default texture level 3, world detail level 3, VSync off ran with smooth fps. The hinges with their peculiar design Further included is a composite port, which offers together with the also included adapter further connection options audio and video input.

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The game itself shows a similar result when playing the Crysis demo level with the same settings the frame rate was between 15 and 35so an average of 25 fps.

Although this limits the amount of things visible on the screen, it makes it possible to play at least older games at native resolution. Knowing The Parts The only notebook I would buy from Asus is a 14, or System Bios Settings Keyboard As Cursors About This User’s Manual Usb Floppy Disk Drive aus Could you guys give me some specific reasons as to why the sager makes a better choice?

But especially the extensive accessories make the G2 still an attractive gaming notebook. Powering On The Notebook Pc The keys leave a generally robust impression, but can be pressed trough a bit too much around the enter key and tend to rattle when typing forcefully. Whether they are located practically or not depends a lot g2ssg the habits of the individual user.

The first person asjs Crysis is well known for bringing even high end gaming computers to their knees, and forcing players to sacrifice resolution, detail level or both. Asus achieved this by combining a variety of different materials with outstanding colour design.

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Temperature The Asus G2K stood already out with very high surface temperatures.

Asus G2SG Manuals

This isn’t such a problem, as long as the notebook isn’t put on asux lap. Notebook Pc Information The test system achieved b2sg points in the PCMark benchmark testand moved with this result clearly ahead of numerous comparable notebooks.

He also argues that my desktop is already very good, but not in my opinion since my rig has 2gb low clock speed ram, 2. No changes were made regarding the heating up of the case.

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The input devicesespecially the keyboard, are well suited for office work and gaming. Colours and contrast make a good impression as well. The hardware equipment offers not only good performance in 3D benchmarks, but can also convince in applications. Bluetooth Wireless Connection on Selected Models