To actually have a decent big screen movie about boat racing, I never thought a boat racer would harsh on it, must be the Bernie thing. Unfortunately, the race history of the boat is lost. I moved to Florida in the boat has been indoor storage ever since. Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum. Mario Verga from Milan, Italy was the owner of a silk factory in the Como lake area and was a very famous and winning pilot of the top hydroplanes classes in Europe.

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“Madison” is on Showtime this month – H1 Unlimited

I found the boat about years ago. The Garey brothers switched off driving in ’83, ’84 and ‘ This hull is a shovelnose drag hydro, that was originally set up for top fuel. Best part was the vintage boats themselves, but they kept them at very slow speeds to run together, and it reduced johnwon excitement considerably. Need documentation on this record. It all came together nicely.

Blitzkreig F2.

Thunderboating – A Personal Memoir – Chapter 9

Quotes [ first lines ] Adult Mike McCormick: David Jensen driving the Madison and me with the Town Club, were directed to drive straight at the camera and perform the stunt as close as possible to the shore. Best finish was 3rd in Madison, IN.

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Multiple speed record holder and three National Championships. S class hull Built in ? With his doted upon son Mike as most devoted fan, air-conditioner repairman Jim McCormick, who had to stop piloting it after a near-fatal accident, devotes all his ‘spare’ time to it, turning down professional opportunities as that would mean moving, as his wife suggests.

I knew Jim McCormick. Roger Epperson, who was based on the real life late Miss Budweiser owner, Bernie Little; his son Bobby was based on either of his sons, Bernie Jr or Joe Little and Rick Inston was based on Dean Chenoweth, the driver of the team until his fatal accident in I have found the engine and the rudder.

Reg ran the boat with a 2. Werner of Greenwich, Connecticut. This hydro is a kg category, from about Maybe one of you will be able to fill me in on. This enabled me to be more objective.

Floyd Waterson campaigned as Big Chief. Jack and his crew chief Gerry Stiles spent the season developing the boat, working mainly on balance.

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This hydro was sold Jan Kneelers, Crackers, Flat Bottom and tunnels into a package And then he reached into his pocket and pulled out a photo button. Had a slew of them there, looks like it will be a good seller. In all, it had been the greatest adventure of my life. Full Cast and Crew. The boat is being converted back to a kneeler and will be showing its original colors. Has not raced for past four years.

Madison – A Movie Review

George picked me up at the depot. The Town Club driver makes a suicide right turn to avoid the Madison and crashes violently, killing him a bit of Hollywood fiction added to the jonhson.

Here is the actual movie site Uping the record 5 times in that span of time. Timossi hull, kg.

And Mark Tate’s former driver boys are tearing it up back East in kneelers.