I will know more next week when I have access to a freezer again. Are you using the same power supply of the micro? Davide Gironi September 14, at Davide Gironi March 16, at 8: Can I define the CPU speed in the compiler without having to use define statements in each source file? I am using this library with Atmega The version 02 it is not tested against negative temperatures too.

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Can I define the CPU speed in the compiler without having to use define statements in each source file?

At first, try at 1Mhz, or 8Mhz.

I made a typo above I meant to say ds18b Are you using avr-gcc as compiler? Try the DS18B20 on other platform, like Arduino, just to make shure the sensor is working. Davide Gironi November 18, at Posted by Davide Gironi at Unluckly, the only way to check it is to scope on that pin.

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megaAVR Temperature Sensor DS18B20 Example

I appreciate your job sir. Alan Medina January 7, at 8: Hello, this library should work at 1Mhz. Davide Gironi November 11, at 1: Davide Gironi January 7, at 6: Davide Gironi November 17, at Thanks for your answer.

Take a look here: Alex T November 17, at 6: Davide Gironi July 11, at 7: I am using this library with Atmega Elektronika od kuchni November 12, at 5: Without any scope on output debug get’s complicated.

I am having the same problem as Oscar who posted on August 24th.

How to interface DS18B20 with AVR ATmega8

Rao SiGe July 30, at 7: I have been traveling all summer so I’ve not tested it with negative temperatures yet. Davide Gironi September 9, at 9: Also you can check the bus of the sensor. Hi again, I tried in Arduino and it works.

Un indicazione questa molto lontana da quella che dovrebbe essere la temperatura ambiente o quella corporea. Davide Gironi April 21, at Previously I did check to ensure that the ext clk was 16mhz. Is the setting correct??

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LeMK January 24, at Hello, it should, but i’ve never try it with negative temperatures. How do you do it? I researched a bit and added these lines before start temp conversion: