The sad story of the em28xx driver Posted Nov 12, 9: Of course, losing “authority” over code is inherent in releasing that code under a license like the GPL. We got video, tuning and audio work. This driver works with a number of video acquisition devices based on Empia chips; many of those are not supported by the kernel now. This attempt to exercise control over freely-licensed code was slapped down by Andrew Morton and others, but it left unpleasant memories behind. Posted Nov 12, 0: There was some prolonged feuding relating to changes to the core code.

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A quick review of some of the history is in order here.

They fight for at least three years now and they still don’t have a useful infrastructure to support DVB-S2 devices. It’s same as with Reiser4 Posted Nov 14, The sad story of the em28xx driver Posted Nov 12, 6: The sad story of the em28xx driver Posted Nov 12, 9: Now Markus is back with a driver that, to all appearances, duplicates the functionality of a driver which is already in the mainline kernel.

The e and ee drivers had overlapping coverage for some time. And in most cases newer drivers support more hardware, not less. This review notwithstanding, Mauro has indicated that he is not interested in accepting this patch.

Also, the upstream driver is actively maintained.

Posted Nov 27, When I once asked him about joining that stuff he just told me well but you have it already done. But, as em28xxx stand now, it would appear that this driver is not headed for the mainline.


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It’s a huge amount of work that no one wants to do and in this case with very little benefit. E2m8xx sad story of the em28xx driver Posted Nov 14, What we have here is a classic story of an impedance mismatch between a developer and the development community. Take look on the story with Reiserfs and Reiser4: The sad truth would seem to be that, while working with the community is something that a couple thousand developers do with little trouble every year, there will always em288xx a few who have difficulties.

The whole issues at that time gave him the opportunity to work on his own stuff even more to let the existing em28xx code left behind. Now one group the v4l group has taken over without taking other dvb people who managed the project before as a small group before Posted Nov 20, There was even a period where the code was relicensed to the MPL, apparently as part of an attempt to prevent it from being taken into the mainline.

How to configure the Linux kernel/drivers/media/video/em28xx

But well that way I don’t see any chance in officially supporting and telling people to use video on linux unless they want to depend on the video4linux Maintainer. Both upstream and the 4 duplicated drivers have similar functionality. Multiple drivers are easily accepted as temporary solution, but then someone must merge support for other hardware – and e,28xx we have “reiserfs dm28xx where developer works for it’s own feature and against all others There were code quality issues too, of course, but I’m not sure em28cx got as far as looking at those.

The sad story of the em28xx driver Posted Nov 13, Cliques are a hard problem to beat and generally impossiblewe can see so many examples of this screwing projects over.

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This driver works with a number of video acquisition devices based on Empia chips; many of those are not supported by the kernel now. The whole driver started at the end ofI started to reverse engineer the protocol and worked on it with Luca Risolia hope I got the name right.

At that time nothing was a problem because there were only analog devices available. It is not hard to see this submission as an attempt to retake control of that driver and, perhaps, restart the discussions from past years. It’s all about friendship there, A likes B instead of C even if C has better stuff and supporters, so A will wait till B completes his stuff, and C will be pushed away as long as possible without clean reviews or something else, this is just the way how it works out.

Posted Nov 13, While Markus was working on his own version of the code, others were putting patches into the mainline em28xx driver. There have been a couple of approaches to solve the technical problem to share 1 component between analog and digital TV the tuner back then. Maybe Jon’s article can be the crystallization point for everybody to take a step back and go on a path of compromise instead of confrontation hope springs eternal, I know