Boom Virtual Instrument was “Unauthorized” during virtual instruments download. No, create an account now. Poor planning on your part. It spreads through a culture by social interaction. Oct 10, Messages: If you didn’t bring your dongle – too freakin’ bad. Perhaps that’s why they can afford to constantly have very attractive sales – they’ve made their money in the way that was intended – without piracy getting in the way.

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Do cars require you to pay for locks separately?

ilok 2 got cracked

Dan Ariely is an interesting fa,e Duke professor of Behavioral Economics who does studies on these things to see what exists and what assuages bad habits in humans. It’s really disappointing that it’s been cracked but look at it this way – it took a looooong time to do so in the software world. Comes in very handy if you forgot to bring your dongle to a studio and you can simply connect to your ilok via a virtual USB port.

I don’t see the investment as lost, to be honest. That is more than can be said about many digital musical instrument products. Something about a moral pronouncement actually prevents people from doing “soft stealing” strangely enough.

I wouldn’t want to be the professional using cracked software when they’re at my door to check for pirated stuff. The only business model that works a bit against piracy ffake subscription-based stuff, in my opinion, and even those can be found in older versions. Welcome to Our Community Wanting to join the rest of our members?


I’m sure they already have ilok 3 and 4 ready for release because it can never be secure for a long time and groups cracking software will never go away. To those who can illk shaking their fist at fate, I salute you! Go away and shut the fuck up!

I personally think companies should offer iLok’s as a part of their cost of software or cut you a discount if illk already have one because security is THEIR problem not yours, and you have to jump through hoops to keep to their security scheme. But it is essentially the same deal as iLok. Boom Virtual Instrument was “Unauthorized” during virtual instruments download. I read this FAQ at the Soundtoys website: The way to prevent this is: That said, my body is a dongle for my spirit that is pretty pissed off at my aging self’s inability to stay fit and ache-less.

iLok2 DRM System Appears to Have Been Cracked – TorrentFreak

I wonder what the companies that use the ilok to secure there software do when it iolk failed? I don’t mean simultaneously, I just mean without having to unplug and move the physical dongle around. Mar 21, Messages: There will be cracked versions out there on the day of release or even before which must be heartbreaking and bank breaking!! Why can’t they just have software that checks your hardware scheme and occasionally talks to their database to see you are on the right computer your computer can be your dongle and force you to register each device with them and say allow 2 free but a marginally higher cost for more computers?


Avid Virtual Instruments iLok authorization. If you didn’t bring your dongle – too freakin’ bad.

There are enough good ways to address this issue in a consumer friendly manner that this is simply stupid and outdated at this point. Also if you have a home studio and work studio fakf with a laptop it can take be a pain with the dongle. Dec 30, Messages: Quote from G String. Dec 1, Messages: Fuck burning churches, lets burn down schools and. Well, here I am with iLok1 useless and two iLok2’s useless?!?

I’m using this to have iLoks away from the main computer. Your browser has JavaScript disabled. So as far as I’m concerned any company still doing this is immediately making it clear that they are not ilik current company and have old outdated thinking in at least one part of their current software system.

I am not sure if there is another one.