It only stores some info about presented layers, and header variables. Fix possible errors found by autotests. Visit the Trac open source project at http: June 21 – June Library code refactoring and preparation it for GDAL-trunk, map geometry attributes into Feature attributes. Search everywhere only in this topic.

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Then, when calling application uses CADLayer. Last modified 2 years ago Last modified on Aug 14, You could create each feature as a block, and then have the attributes of the feature as the block. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

DWG reading is not supported by this reader, since DWG is not well documented at least not in the public and a binary dwb.

Implement doxygen, start working on library API and internal methods description. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, gdql acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. I have meanwhile checked out and tried it successfully.

[gdal-dev] writing DWG/DXF

Then, when calling application uses CADLayer. Not everything that libopencad can read from file is mapped into OGR infrastructure, but it will be done in near future. I think there is ambiguity or at least several dw ways gsal associating what we think of as attribute data. Frederik, It is not immediately obvious to me how to attach general purpose attributes to DXF entities in a way that will be useful so I have not yet attempted this.

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Write google tests for file opening errors handling, reading geometries of each type. Thickness and dash-dot styles needs LineType information libopencad doesnot read it. I tried OSGeo4W package. Blog with all reports and notices. I found a message from Frank stating that it is not well supported http: Jens 5, 20 I marked the response of warrieka as a solution – unfortunately I can not mark two answers as the solution.


This can take a while, but it is not manual work. I can work around this by creating one shape file for every type of feature, but I’ll never get something like street names that way.


OSGEO can’t include it in their distribution, only paying members can. Now it has an implementation for DWG R15but only for read. Pull request to GDAL-trunk was opened. If you or someone else would have some money for improvements it would help as well.

GDAL – Dev – [gdal-dev] writing DWG/DXF

It only stores some info about presented layers, and header variables. This week I’ve done: I believe that the commercial teiga package what ogr uses for DWG support requires licencing: Bart, [hidden email] wrote: Meaningful layers – 0: Complete python tests, testing driver with QGIS, code refactoring.


Note that the DWGdirect library is not open source, though the license terms are not terribly draconian. But I do not know how to build an executable from a source code. JaakL 1, 9 When parsing dgal file, library does not store any information it does not need.