Any lower on that machine and the going got rough. If you have a device in the system that has no ability to sync slave to another because it doesn’t have word clock input or a digital input to clock from , then you will have to make said device the clock master and sync everything else to it. Reaper gives you literally every option for controlling your various devices from setting these parameters from Reaper to setting them from OS control panels eg. USB 24 bit audio interfaces that don’t suck 28 posts. Ok I got some info from an Ego-Sys rep.

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He said the U24 will do 3 msec latency best case. It means that or you will pay a lot for performance you would get on less expensive external gear or that you will get a bad audio card. It has a actual display of the latency in numerical values. Does it have ASIO 2 drivers though?

Prodipe iMic

Originally posted by Richard Berg: Umic support for Shuttles. From reading around the net I think the driver may have more to do with it. Maybe this worked in Jaguar, but it definitely doesn’t work in Panther. Originaly posted by DriverGuru: You audio guys, does the Firewire stuff have better latency or is it a function of the driver?

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Micros Prodipe iMic Prodipe

Again, check the box and set the project sample rate the same in Reaper Project Settings. Don’t apologize, this is a question that contains some controversy Mon May 12, 3: For guitar it may suck bad. Wed May 07, 6: The one I have is PCI.

Originally posted by gcc: Thu May 08, 5: Sort of off topic jmic However like you said, Motu on windows sux.

PCI cards have to be very well shielded so as to prevent interferences from the internal computer hardware. Thanks for any pointers you can offer.

However keep in mind that companies make good and affordable not so good products. Response was ultra tight just like a real amp.

Help! Can’t uninstall iMic ASIO driver from “” | Motherboard Forums

Latency was not a problem at all. Maybe it’s close enough for you. Even the default buffer size of samples. The proprietor of pcavtech. Miic did you do?


USB 24 bit audio interfaces that don’t suck

This combines your multiple interfaces into a single virtual device. Good home studio interface but crashy drivers. If not, the 2nd choice would be to uncheck the boxes in Reaper preferences to allow control from other apps or control panels.

Like I previously said I can’t talk about what I don’t know and even though I heard some pretty good M-Audio gear I haven’t heard that particular one so I imiic know if its good or not. Midiman stuff has some quirks but the audio quality is very good. But here’s the kicker: Jan 29, Posts: