Although the Logitech TrackMan Marble lacks a scroll wheel or ring, it has buttons for paging up and down. But after having used the mouse the decision makes more sense. While ambidextrous trackball mice do exist, the MX Ergo is an exclusively right-handed affair. The same is true of a host of other buttons included on the mouse. Cornell ergonomicist Alan Hedge pointed out to us that a trackball is most useful if it helps you keep your hand in the correct position: A trackball should rotate smoothly, without gritty-feeling friction.

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This initially rpllerball like an odd decision. The M comes with a three-year warranty. Remove any metal objects between the trackball and the Unifying receiver plugged into your computer. We also found trackballs more precise than trackpads and more usable for design work or anything else that required accuracy. If the MX Ergo is too expensive, or if you want the cheapest good introduction to the world of trackballs, get the Logitech M Wireless Trackball.

Work in comfort with a stable, sculpted trackball that supports your hand and lets you rest lkgitech arm. Logitech MX Ergo Budget thumb-operated trackball: With up to 18 months of use from a single AA, you might just forget your trackball uses batteries at all. Ultimately, these features never detract from the rest of the product. Its sculpted shape supports your hand to let you work all day in comfort.

The Best Trackballs for Reviews by Wirecutter | A New York Times Company

Receiver Dimensions height x width x depth: Logitecb robust wireless connection lets you control your laptop, desktop computer or home theater PC from up to 30 feet 10 meters away. Learn more about the Logitech Unifying receiver. To remove the ball, just pull it out or flip the Expert Mouse over.

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Comments are disabled We respect your privacy. Great software will also let you change the pointer speed, acceleration, and scrolling speed.

This essentially slows its responsiveness so you can make rollerbalo, more precise movements.

How to Repair a Logitech Trackball Button

Who wants a cord in the way? Opt out or contact us at any time. This component makes the Expert Mouse over 9 inches deep, so it might be too big for some work spaces. Using the Kensington Expert Rollernall, you can move a cursor across a 4K monitor with a small follerball, but on the MX Ergo it takes a couple of turns of the ball, even if you have the pointer speed set to maximum.

Wireless Trackball M570

Storable receiver If you do need to remove the tiny receiver, just tuck it away right next to the battery. Although the scroll ring is chintzy plastic, it feels much smoother to scroll than the gritty wheel of the Expert Mouse.

We found the following features to be the most important in our research and testing: In a survey DOCX published by trackball maker Kensington, respondents listed their top three reasons for switching to a trackball: Rozette Rago Thumb-operated trackballs are usually right-handed only, but other than the trackball itself, they work just like traditional mice.

Your desk, your comfy chair, your bed—this trackball is easy to take with you around the home. A trackball should be comfortable for any size hand and not require wrist extension or deviation to operate.

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Logitech M Wireless Trackball Designed for Comfort & Long Battery-Life

The Expert Mouse has a power switch on the bottom but also turns itself off automatically after inactivity to save battery life. But the scroll ring felt gritty when we turned it, as if two pieces of metal were skimming across each other. Obviously now that your thumb is dedicated to moving the trackball, it makes sense that the thumb-buttons would have to move, rpllerball their new position turns them into extra buttons for your index finger, and we think this removes a certain amount of their utility.

The rechargeable Logitech MX Ergo promises around four logiteech of logktech life, and the Logitech M is the best of the bunch we tested with an estimated 18 months of life on a single AA battery.

Longer warranties are nice but not required. Warning Information in this article applies to Windows 7. It connects via either a 2. Whereas the MX Ergo has a soft-touch plastic coating, the M is covered in a smooth, hard plastic. Unlike both of those models, however, the MX Ergo uses a rechargeable internal battery instead rollebrall AA batteries.