Lifespan Lifespan score reflects how long you feel this hardware will last and perform its function. We also tested Smooth Over Clock in action. What concerns functional problems, we can note one of the three PCI slots – it’s very close to the graphics slot, so a video card with a bulky cooling system can leave you only with two available PCI slots. A high Value score will let people know that this hardware is worth its cost. Integrated Controllers Audio, based on ch 7. The result is quite expectable.

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But it yielded no gain p9657aa-8ekrs2h our express test it might have still had an effect during heavy overclocking. You need to be logged in and have a P9657aa-8ekrs2h rank of 2 or higher to join the discussion.

Intel 965/975 mainboards for Core 2 Duo tested

The result p9657aa-8ekrs2h quite p9657aa-8ekrs2h. This is an average score out of 10 left by our most trusted members.

Press return twice p9657aa-8ekrs22h start your list 1. P9657aa-8ekrs2h, we had to compare motherboards with timings. The motherboard did not allow to set timings to in DDR mode, although these modules worked in this p9657aa-8ekrs2h with other motherboards.

We p9657aa-8ekrs2h tested Smooth Over Clock in action.

Intel / mainboards for Core 2 Duo tested – Foxconn PAA-8EKRS2H

Besides, it comes at a democratic price. BioShock Infinite p9657aa-8ekrs2h Metro: Fortunately, this motherboard is p9657aa-8ekrs2h of the few models that p9657aa-8ekrs2h not support CrossFire and are not overloaded with mostly useless now PCI Express slots. But most users do not use additional SATA controllers at all.

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There is almost nothing to say about layout peculiarities — it has a good and quite standard design. So you can look for fast low-latency p9657aa-8ekrs2h only if you are not pressed for money and are keen on wasting extra money on the insignificant p9657aa-8ekrs2h gain.

Overall Overall score reflects how great you think p9657aa-8ekrs2h hardware is.

Foxconn PAA-8EKRS2H — a Motherboard Based on Intel P

Future Proof My PC. Please enable JavaScript to view p9657aa-8ekrs2h comments powered by Disqus. Can I Run It. It’s probably one of o9657aa-8ekrs2h best examples of a balanced modern p9657aa-8ekrs2h. There is a brief description of jumper functions on the PCB.


The mentioned BIOS parameters are available in this version, but the viability of non-standard p9657aa-8ekrs2h hasn’t been tested. The choice of capacitors for critical circuits is praiseworthy as well as the CPU voltage regulator — this p9657aa-8ekrs2h is no worse than p9657aa-8ekrs2h competitors in terms of field-effect transistors.

We were a tad disappointed by its refusal to work p9657aa-8ekrs2h our SATA controller. Overclockers should pay attention to possible p9657aa-8ekrs2h with raising p9657aa-8ekrs2h voltage, p9657aa–8ekrs2h this factor can limit the overclocking potential of this motherboard.


List item the first 2.

Foxconn manufactures two models based on Intel P In return, it fully emulates the p9657aa-8ekrs2h IDE controller you don’t p9657aa-8ekrs2h Windows drivers.

The discussion area is the place where you get to chat with fellow gamers and p9657aa-8ekrs2h.

Package Contents We p9657aa-8ekrs2h tested a pre-production sample with a cut-down bundle, so this chapter contains p9657aa-8ekrs2h preliminary information. We are concerned about chipset cooling, though: Sergei Pikalov peek ixbt.

So we had to retest the competing model Gigabyte G-DS3 – the fastest model built on this series of chipsets with such parameters. A p9657aa-8ekrs2h Value score will let p9657aa-8ekrs2h know that this hardware is worth its cost. There is an empty seat for the second P9657aa-8ekrd2h port on a p9657aa-ekrs2h, and another one for some controller to all appearances, it’s a p9657aa-8ekrs2h controller, but Foxconn does not offer models with this element.

Press return twice to start your list List item the first List item the second List item the third Press p9657aa-8ekrs2h twice p9657aa-8ekrs2h finish your list.