Click “Start” , “Setting” , “Control Panel”. The monitor could be damaged or broken. This file is downloadable free of charge: Also some files are djvu so you need djvu viewer to open them. Do not pull the plug out by the wire nor touch the plug with wet hands. ProhibitedImportant to read and understand at all timesDo not disassembleDisconnect the plug from the outletDo not touchGrounding to prevent an electric shockPowerWhen not used for extended periods of time, set your computer to a screensaver.

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Insert the power plug firmly so that it does not come loose. Connect the power cord for your monitor to the power port on the back of the monitor. This may cause damage, electric shock or fire. If the monitor must be used without the supplied stand, take steps toinsure proper ventilation. Page 7 This may cause an electric shock or fire.

Samsung SyncMaster V : Monitor Owner’s Manual

Do not place children’s favorite objects or anything else that may betempting on the product. Power portConnect the power cord for your monitor to the power port onthe back of the monitor.

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Push the base toward the front of the monitor until the release latch clicks into the lockedposition. Is the voltage stable?

Keep the product away from places exposed to oil, smoke or moisture;do not install inside a vehicle. Choose “Specify the location of the driver”. Page 12 See PowerSaver described in the manual for further information regarding power savingfunctions. Check the signal cable connection.

And click the “Finish” button then the “Close” button. Check ListCheck the signal cable connection. Also used to exit the OSD menu orreturn to the previous menu.

What’s missing? Tell us about it.

You may prevent the coated CDT from being damaged or the monitorcabinet from being dissolved, cracked or discolored. You may buy a recommended detergent at any Service Center.

Anti-doming invar shadow mask. Tell us what’s missing. Click the “Change” button in the “Monitor Type” area. Choose “OK” button on the “Insert disk” window. Adjust the trapezoid setting when the top or bottom of thedisplay is too large or small. Use only a properly grounded plug and receptacle. The screen syncnaster strangecolors or just black andwhite.


Samsung SyncMaster V Specs – CNET

TermsDot PitchThe image on a monitor is composed of red, green and blue dots. Horizontal FrequencyThe time to scan one line connecting the right edge to the left edge ofthe screen horizontally is called Horizontal Cycle and the inversenumber of the Horizontal Cycle is called Horizontal Frequency.

Page 27 monitor’s entire display. Put your monitor in a location with low humidity and a minimum of dust. Power indicatorThis light glows green during normal operation, and blinks greenonce as the monitor saves your adjustments.

Samsung SyncMaster 794V,794S Free Driver Download

Monitor driver installation is completed. If this is the reason, announce it with the blue man icon on the top and I remove it.

If you do need assistance, please call the phone number on syncmaxter section or contact your dealer. Icannot turn on the monitor. Page 38 voltage wire near by?