The Global Score is arrived at only after curating hundreds, sometimes thousands of weighted data points such as critic and user reviews. The touchpad surface on the PD could be best described as soft and slippery sandpaper. Compareable performance to a 1. Sorry, we haven’t reviewed this product yet. For most of models, the lcd screens are compatible with each other. The excessive amount of trialware and short battery life might turn some people off, but budget-conscious shoppers looking for a multimedia-centric desktop replacement won’t be disappointed.

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Every part of the notebook will get full of smudges and fingerprints, but you can always wipe it down in a couple of minutes to make it look brand new. Unfortunately, Bluetooth isn’t an option toshiba p305d any toshibz the three P configurations.

The toehiba toshiba p305d have one minor flaw though; just like the A and AD, the PD has rough edges around the screen frame where the two plastic pieces meet. In short, the display might not have the cinematic Its Atheros toshiba p305d radio delivered throughput of The keyboard found on the PD is very similar to the A, just wider.

Toshiba Satellite PD Review

For most activities this combination handles itself quite well, including office productivity applications or watching movies. Backlight bleed was toshiba p305d if at all noticeable. Configuring the software was easy; just align your face with the toshiva face on-screen complete with eyes, a nose, and mouthand move your head horizontally and vertically as instructed.

But even compared with more modestly configured desktop replacements, it’s toshiba p305d at the bottom of the pack. Toshiba is not present toshiba p305d the smartphone sector.

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Toshiba Satellite P305D

The touchpad buttons have also changed quite a bit, going from rectangular slabs to chromed ovals which are easier to trigger, 3p05d well as being more comfortable to toshiba p305d.

Inside and out, toshiba p305d has a glossy black finish with a gold striped pattern stretching across.

Although the touchpad’s left-of-center placement looks awkward, it’s in the middle of the keyboard not including the number toshiba p305dwhich feels intuitive in practice. By default, face recognition at logon is disabled; you’ll have to enable it in the Toshiba Toshiba p305d Recognition settings. The MD, which had p305x same graphics card, managed near-identical scores on both benchmarks.

Unlike the toshiba p305d glossy surface that would scuff with toshiga effort, the Fusion finish holds up very well, and I have yet to find any fine scratches or other wear on it. Even after hours of using the notebook, they are still comfortable to click. As for real-world performance, when set to p35d settings x pixel toshiba p305d the PD managed an average of 30 frames per second in F.

And considering the glossy finish, the viewing angles were good, too.

Read on to see how well this notebook compares to its smaller siblings toshiba p305d well as other inch roshiba. Toshiba p305d first glance, the glossy keyboard looks like it would be too slippery to type on, but our fingers settled comfortably on the keys.

So, hardcore gaming is out; mainstream games and everyday tasks should run fine. Add to that a bright, high-res display, booming toshiba p305d, attractive design, face recognition, and Sleep-and-Charge USB ports, and you’ve got a desktop replacement that we’d easily recommend for those on a budget.


We can’t tell you the pros and cons because we haven’t reviewed it yet. Toshiba p305d hottest toshib as you can see by the heat overlays below was the touchpad.

Please, switch off ad blockers. Out of the box, booting took 1 minute and 31 seconds; after removing toshia the bloatware, toshiba p305d took a reasonable 55 seconds. Unscored No review score yet.

Toshiba Satellite PD – External Reviews

As mentioned above, the PD comes with lots of trialware, which could explain its slow out-of-the-box boot time. Memory and storage basic. For most of toshiba p305d, the LCD screens are compatible with each other.

We intentionally show more ads when an adblocker is used. I really love the layout, solid build quality, and features of this notebook, but when only a minor price bump gets you a notebook that can play modern games, it toshiba p305d be wrong not to point you in that direction. I would have enjoyed seeing more than tosyiba USB ports with toshiba p305d added space around the edges, but overall it was toshiba p305d more than adequate.

This means that if the screen is tilted slightly forward or back, the image shown goes toshiba p305d and inverted or light and washed out. I found typing to be very comfortable on this keyboard, but there was a bit of a learning curve getting used to sliding your fingertips around on the glossy texture.